What will it cost?

Babies, Toddlers and Preschool

Our centre is registered so that you can access the child care subsidy (CCS) to offset our full fee for childcare. Our long day care fee is $99.50 per day, per child. This includes all meals and we will never ask you to fund raise for the centre as this is what your fees are for.

Your weekly out of pocket expense will depend on your CCS percentage, the hours of care you are entitled to per fortnight and your withholding percentage. As an example, if your child comes one day a week and you have a CCS percentage of 85% and a withholding percentage of 5% you weekly fee will be $20.00.

School Age Care

Our full fees for Before School Care and After School Care are $26.25 per session and $80 for vacation care. Again, your out of pocket expenses will depend on your percentage rate and approved hours.

Not sure what you are entitled to for child care subsidy?

If you are registered for Child Care Subsidy you will be able to find your approved percentage and hours on your My Gov account. If you are not registered yet you can contact Centrelink on 13 61 50 or visit the Department of Human Services website to find more information.  



Additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS)

Additional Child Care Subsidy may be applied for in certain circumstances:

  • If you are a grandparent caring for your grandchild

  • If you are suffering temporary financial hardship (eg job loss, natural disaster)

  • If you are transitioning back into work

  • If you are caring for a child who has suffered or is currently suffering as a result of serious physical, emotional or psychological abuse; sexual abuse; domestic or family violence or neglect.

Additional Child Care Subsidy can cover the full cost of your child care fees for a period of time. For more information contact Centrelink on 13 61 50 or speak to us at the centre.

Obtain a quote

If you would like a quote on your fees please call us on 1300 262 180 or email us at admin@wallawallabingbang.com.au.