What do we offer?


 Our Rooms 

  The centre has three separate rooms:

  • Little Skippers - our babies room caters for children from 6 weeks to 2 years of age with three staff and up to 12 children.

  • Little Tugboats – our toddlers room caters for children from 1 year 9 months to 3.5 years of age with three staff and up to 17 children.

  • The Trawlers – our preschool room caters for children from 3 years to 5 years of age with two staff and up to 20 children and runs a preschool program by a Bachelor qualified teacher.

  • We also offer before and after school care and vacation care with limited numbers and one staff member.  

Our Outdoor Areas

Our outdoor area comprises of a number of different zones which include play structures, climbing nets, chicken coup, vegetable garden, sandpit, grassed areas and role play areas. We can have separate and combined play for the preschool and school age groups.

Our Opening Times

The centre is open from 6:30am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday – 52 weeks per year.

Our Food

The centre provides three nutritious meals per day – morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. This is prepared by a full time cook. We also will cater for children to have breakfast if they have not had a chance to eat prior to arriving at the centre. We do not provide formula to children as parent preferences on offering breastmilk and/or formula vary greatly. We ask you to provide this daily if your child is currently drinking breast milk or formula clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Our Staff

Our staff are selected by the skills they have to offer, their qualifications, personality and most importantly how the interact and engage with the children. We operate a continuous improvement philosophy and provide opportunities where-ever possible for our staff to learn by attending training courses, visiting other centres and mentoring each other.

Our Program

Each room’s program is based on the children’s interests and needs. We have opportunities for children to participate in both self-choice and more structured activities that incorporate, role play, music, singing and dance, sport and physical activity, construction, painting and drawing, science, literacy and numeracy and puzzles and games. We will constantly extend on your child’s learning and capabilities in collaboration with you as parents. We also offer both incursions and excursions to enhance your child’s learning.

Communication with Parents

We aim to provide you with as much insight of your child’s day as possible. We will do this through Story Park which is an app that provides a platform for us to share individual photos and stories with you in a secure, private environment that you can also choose to share with your extended family. 

 Through our Facebook Page where we will share more general information about activities at the centre and what each room has been engaged in. 

We encourage parents to provide us with both positive feedback and suggestions for improvement. If we do not know you are not happy with something we cannot fix it. We aim to be constantly improving the service we can offer to yourself and your children.

Our Accreditation

Being a new centre we have currently not be assessed under the National Quality Framework. We strive though to obtain an exceeding rating by understanding and following the Framework and will post our results once assessed.

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